Friday, August 5, 2016

"Rato Arya Rani" Tweet: A Bahunbadi Affront to the Newah People

Rabin Man shakya

Many Newah people are venting outrage about a fake person named "Rato Arya Renu" who is disseminating hatred and intense dislike against the Newah people through Twitter.

Reactions were swift in the social media sites to what was widely perceived as an affront to the Newah people.

The intentionally provocative tweet by "Rato Arya Renu" has cast a shadow on ethnic divisions.

What is the intention of Rato Arya Renu? This particular behavior  is suicidal at this point. Some  insane people wrongly think that through intimidations, threats and abusive words, they will silence the people.

But going by the reactions in the social media sites, they are getting exactly the opposite. This kind of   provocation and intimidation is outrageous and unacceptable.

Historical experiences have demonstrated that outrageous acts and remarks have not helped anybody and any organizations.

The language used in that tweet by Rato Arya Renu is full of abusive words and hatredness against the Newah people.

Rato Arya Renu assailed the certain ethnic community of Nepal with a level of venom rarely seen before.

There is no doubt that this kind of outrageous remark is a toxic but familiar political virus that may infect reactions to the ethnic crisis in Nepal.

The recent tweet controversy is just an attempt to perpetuate and deepen ethnic divisions in the country. The need of the hour is: the entire Newah community should be united  and should come forward to wage a war against this kind of provocation. Yes, we must deal strongly with this kind of Bahunbadi provocation.

Well, it is true that the Newah people will not be intimidated by any threats or abusive words.

It is a good thing that a complaint has been filed at the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police, Crime Investigation Division against the above mentioned cyber crime.

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