Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ban on Khada: A Grand Design?

Rabin Man Shakya

According to a recent news story, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal has banned its subordinate offices from using foreign made Khadas.

Before that, former prime minister K P Oli had vented to his feelings against the use of Khada in an outrageous way at a program organized at the Trihbuvan University.

And not long ago, Prem Baniya of News 24 channel in the "Power News" program assailed those using Khadas with a level of venom rarely seen before, calling them (the users of Khada) "stupid" and urging for the ban of Khada.

Today, Nepal is a secular country. This kind of irrational and not logical demands about ban on Khadas were not brought up even when Nepal was a Hindu Kingdom. The Bahunbadi parties and their stalwarts have forgotten that Nepal is a multi-linguistic, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country.

If the Bahuns and Khas people are allowed to freely use imported dhotis, janai, Teej sarees and lots of  other  imported things, why should there be any ban only on the Khada. The intention is very clear.

I totally agree if the ban is imposed on all unnecessary imported goods, but taking a target only on Khada is outrageous and unacceptable.

There is no doubt that the ongoing 'ban' thing is a part of grand design to destabilize communal harmony in Nepal.

These developments raise a big question as to whether our mainstream political parties are conniving to the grand rehearsal that is aimed at undermining the importance of the religious  and cultural rituals of the Buddhists of Nepal.

Let us be united and let us hope that the Buddhists and the Newahs will never let Bahunbadi "grand design" to succeed.

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