Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another Perfect Epitome of Nepotism !

Rabin Man Shakya

Maoists have again moved to centerstage in Nepalese political scenario after Prachanda has been elected Prime Minister by the Nepalese Parliament for the second time. It is to be noted that Prachanda's Maoist Communist Party is only third biggest party in the parliament after the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML.

And by appointing his own  son Prakash Dahal to the post of private secretary of the Prime Minister, the newly elected premier of Nepal has become the perfect epitome of nepotism.

When he was the prime minister for the first time, he committed a lot of mistakes. That is according to Prachanda himself. "I was inexperienced then", he said.

Going by the initial activities of the Maoist strongman, it looks like those mistakes will continue. Prachanda is widely disliked by Nepalese of all political stripes who blame him for having allowed the nation to fall into the economic, political and social chaos.

Actually, the Nepalese people have feelings of intense dislike for all the stalwarts of the mainstream political parties. All of them are good for nothing, the people say. There is a lack of a charismatic and honest politician in Nepal.

Nepal's political process is still in transitional phase. Open chasm and sharp divisions appeared in the mainstream political parties during and after the ouster of K P Oli government. It is an open secret that Prachanda orchestrated the 'coup' against Oli  with the Nepali Congress support thereby agreeing to rotate the PM post for nine months respectively.

The political stalwarts of the mainstream political parties should stop making mockery of themselves by doing stupid things.

There is no duubt that politics is done for power. But politics should be done for the good of the people and the nation as well. But the politicians of Nepal do not care about the nation and the people.

All they care about is the personal benefit and the party interest. For them, the politics has become a lucrative business, not a mission  to serve the people. All the politicians of all the mainstream political parties have not been able to rise above their petty partisan interests. This is a big misfortune for the people.

All the mainstream political parties of Nepal have demonstrated their inability and inefficiency to deliver goods to the people. They are worthless. The political parties are blaming to each other for their failure to deliver goods to the people.

Given the zero performance of the political parties and lust for power of the politicians,  given their  dishonest maneuverings and corrupt activities, rampant nepotism and favoritism, it looks like the Nepalese people are destined to be betrayed by the political parties and their leaders.

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