Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why Is Transition Lingering?

By Dr Rabin Man Shakya

Has anybody given any thought as to why the transitional phase is lingering so long in Nepal? How long will it still take to write the constitution of sovereign Nepal? Will the constitution be written at all?

Even the clever political analysts do not have a clear cut answer to these questions. The sophistries of clever politicians are never understood by the ordinary people. All they need is: two meals a day, kids go to schools, control in commodity prices, law and order. But sadly enough, the government and political leaders are not paying much attention to these issues.

The political parties are amusing themselves by playing blame games than doing some soul searching and introspection to figure out where, why and how they have failed. That's because majority of the political leaders are irresponsible, corrupt and dishonest.

Global practice and historical experience have demonstrated that the transition period is, more often than not, marked by fluid and fragile situation, like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and so on. Therefore, the Nepalese people are ready to wait for a reasonable period for a smooth and timely transition. But transition should not be dragged on unnecessarily.

The discrepancy between the rhetoric and action is the main reason for not finding a way to wisely end the transition period. Politicians and media elites have been treating the Nepalese people like they are knuckleheads. Politicians should know that the Nepalese people are sick and tired of their rhetorical tautology. The voters are going to give a fitting reply to the politicians in the coming elections.

Now that the second election for the Constituent Assembly has been slated to take place on November 19, is there any guarantee that this re-elected CA will deliver the constitution? The simple answer will be: Nope.

Given the corrupt nature and dishonesty of the politicos, their habit of playing the blame game, given the lackluster performances of the parties and politicians' lust for power, it looks like the Nepalese people are destined to be cheated and deceived by the politicos.

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