Sunday, October 13, 2013

May Some Wisdom Dawn on Our Politicos

By Rabin Man Shakya

So many editorials and op-ed articles have been published in the Nepalese newspapers and so many suggestions have been provided in the social media sites and blogs to our political leaders suggesting: "Hey, pols, enough is enough. Stop blaming each other for the failure to write constitution, to form the national government, for dissolving the Constituent Assembly, for failure to take the peace process to a logical conclusion, for creating chaos and uncertainty."

Do our politicians give a damn about what the newspapers write and about the people speaking out in the social media sites and blogs? The answer obviously will be: Nope.

Now you know and I know, everybody in Nepal knows that the national political trajectory is off the track mainly because of the practice of the pols to play their most favorite game: the blame game.

The journalists and citizen-journalists have pointed out time and again that the important national agendas of peace, constitution and socio-economic transformation have been pushed to the back-burner. But our dear politicians do not give a damn about it.

Now, on the occasion of the Mohani Nakha or Bijaya Dashami, I wish you all good luck, sound health, happiness and prosperity, and let us be optimistic that some kind of wisdom will dawn on our politicos.

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