Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dashain Party in Portland

By Rabin Man Shakya
Advisor, Nepa Chhen

A potluck reception was organized at Nekusing Memorial Theater, West Coast Hollywood Taekwondo  in Portland, Oregon to celebrate Happy Bijaya Dashami or Mohani Nakha. About 100 people from different walks of life from among the Nepali diaspora attended the reception.

In fact, Nepal is a land of festivals. Festivals are the important factors that enliven the Nepalese culture. They have added to the cultural richness of Nepal. Nepal possesses diverse and rich cultural contents.

Dashain, Mohani Nakha or Bijaya Dashami, whatever we call it, is the most important  cultural event for the Nepalese, more so for the Nepalese living abroad.  This is the solemn occasion for the Nepalese community across the world to have a gathering or reception.

The culture of any country is reflected in the way of living and lifestyle of the people. Actually, culture is the identity of a nation and its people.

In today's age of globalization, the Nepalese have reached virtually each and every country of the world for different purposes. But wherever they go, they strive to preserve and safeguard their culture by celebrating the cultural events in different ways.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I remember celebrating the Dashain as a student in the former Soviet Union in the 1980s. That was in Minsk, the capital of Belorussia. The Dashain reception organized by the Nepalese Students Association in Minsk usually was  followed by a cultural program by a Nepalese students rock group "Ranko".

Speaking of the potluck reception organized in Portland, it was a grand succes as always. There were plenty of food, songs, dances and music. Tika was also offered on the occasion by a senior most and septuagenarian Nepali lady in Portland. As I am, kind of, in a yearly mourning, my family could not accept the Tika, but we enjoyed the Dashain evening. The live performance on the occasion by a Nepali rock group in Portland "Maka" was pretty commendable.

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