Sunday, June 21, 2015

NRNA-USA Oregon Chapter's First General Meeting Kicks Off

By Dr Rabin Man Shakya
Former Associate Editor, The Rising Nepal,
State Education Director, NRNA NCC USA, Oregon chapter.

                                          Office bearers of NRNA USA Oregon chapter outside
                                          of the Chapter's office.

                                          The newly inaugurated office of the NRNA USA Oregon
                                          Chapter's office.

The first general meeting of Non-resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) USA - Oregon Chapter kicked off on Friday, June 19, 2015 amid a gala function at the US West Coast Taekwondo Hollywood in Portland with national anthem of Nepal played by Kabitanjali Amatya.

Charge D' Affairs  of the Nepalese Embassy in the US Mr Rishi Ram Ghimire and representative of the Embassy Mr Deepak Sharma jointly inaugurated the opening ceremony of NRNA USA Oregon Chapter by lightening the traditional Nepalese twaadewaa.

Charge D' Affairs Mr Ghimire and embassy representative Mr Sharma were on the occasion wrapped with Khatas by the officials of the NRNA Oregon Chapter as well as by office bearers of Nepa Chhen, a cultural center for Nepalese community in Oregon.

The NRNA USA Oregon chapter's first general meeting was presided over by its chairman Diwakar Maharjan. In his welcome remarks, Mr Maharjan expressed the view that the NRNA Oregon Chapter would aim at keeping closer relationship among the diaspora in Oregon and said that our mantra is: Once a Nepali,  always a Nepali.

Speaking on the occasion, Charge D' Affairs Mr Ghimire expressed best wishes to the newly elected body of the NRNA USA Oregon Chapter. Mr Ghimire on the occasion gave away membership identification tags to the newly elected office bearers of the NRNA USA Oregon Chapter.

NRNA USA Oregon chapter general secretary Mr Sunil Rajkarnikar expressed gratitude to guests from the Embassy for coming to Oregon to open the ceremony and also for finding time to help the diaspora with the Machine Readable Passports (MRPs).

Mr Rajkarnikar said that the Chapter intends to work as a bridge between the diaspora of Oregon, NRNA-NCC-USA and the Nepalese Embassy in the US.

Also speaking on the occasion was president of Nepal Aadivasi Janjati Sangh, California Mr Dandi Sherpa who expressed the belief that the NRNA Oregon Chapter would be able to focus on the interests of the diaspora of Oregon.

An interaction program on MRPs was also organized on the occasion.

The NRNA USA Oregon Chapter's first general meeting was moderated by Chapter's vice president Daya Shakya and vote of thanks was given by Chapter's executive member Ramesh Bhandari at the program which was attended by about 100 general members of the NRNA Oregon Chapter.

                                          Individual members of NRNA USA Oregon chapter
                                           during the dinner.

Later, that evening, president of NRNA NCC USA Dr Keshav Poudel inaugurated the office of the NRNA Oregon Chapter by cutting the ribbon. Speaking on the occasion, NRNA NCC USA president Dr Poudel expressed his happiness to open the first office of the NRNA Oregon Chapter. Dr Poudel congratulated the office bearers of the NRNA Oregon Chapter and added that NRNA Oregon Chapter has made a history by opening the first official office of the NRNA state chapter even when it is still in the infantile stage.

NRNA USA chief Dr Poudel expressed the view that the NRNA Oregon Chapter would serve as a broader platform that accommodates interests of the Nepalese in Oregon.

Meanwhile, in what could be a landmark event in the chronicles of Nepalese diaspora in Oregon, the NRNA Oregon Chapter's executive committee was elected unanimously recently. Diwakar Maharjan, Daya Ratna Shakya, Sunil Rajkarnikar and Jitendra Bajracharya were elected president, vice president, general secretary and treasurer of the Chapter unopposed.

                                            Guests and officials of NRNA USA Oregon chapter
                                             on the podium.

Likewise, Dr Manoj Kansakar, Dr Rabin Man Shakya, Sita Kumari Rai, Shrijana Sthapit, Ramesh Bhandari, Pradeep Bajracharya and Surya Thapa Chhetri have been elected  unanimously executive members of the  NRNA USA Oregon Chapter.

The formation of the NRNA USA Oregon Chapter is, no doubt, a testimony of the growing NRNA awareness among the Nepalese diaspora in the north west US.  Hopefully, NRNA USA Oregon Chapter will successfully move to centerstage in the broader activities of the Nepalese diaspora in Oregon.

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