Sunday, June 14, 2015

Have the Nepalese Politicians Finally Seen the Light?

Rabin Man Shakya
Former Lecturer of Journalism, Peoples Campus, RR Campus

In the period since the earthquake aftermath, many people in Nepal are seeing a little light at the end of the "constitution-writing" tunnel. That is because many analysts believe the Nepalese political stalwarts of every hue have finally seen the light about the real importance of constitution writing, albeit only after the great devastation caused by the apocalyptic earthquake and only after the Nepalese people in the social media and the  Nepalese media have presented the activities of the Nepalese political parties in the worst possible light.

The need for showing political unity and the need for boosting public confidence in the post-earthquake period should have prompted and pushed the warring political parties of Nepal to reach a compromise on constitution writing.

Since no provision in the interim constitution can be endorsed without a three-fourth majority in the Constituent Assembly, the three main political parties: the Nepali Congress, the Communist Party of Nepal - United Marxist Leninist and the United Communist Party of Nepal - Maoists have no options other than to reach a compromise by figuring out the contentious issues.

What a chutzpah!  As a matter of fact, the Nepalese political parties have consistently worked to somehow deadlock the constitution writing process. In fact, the Nepalese people are sick and tired of the pernicious lies of the political stalwarts. They have been saying in the media, social media and other platforms that they are sick and tired with the way things are going in Nepal.

Although the Nepalese people  have time and again been emphasizing in the media and the social media on the need for building consensus among the political parties for enforcing the new constitution, the major political triumvirates of Nepal -- the NC,  the UML and the Maoists were always embroiled in a tug of war for power.

In the past, the Nepalese political parties and the political stalwarts seemed more concerned and preoccupied by their personal and partisan interests rather than the interests of the common people and the nation.

The discrepancy between the rhetoric and action was palpable and this was the problem in finding an amicable solution to the breakthrough  of the new constitution. Going by the posts of the people in the social media, it is obvious that the Nepalese people were frustrated and discontented by the rhetorical tautology of the pugnacious politicians.

Finally, the intransigence and stubbornness of the Nepalese politicians have been shattered by the changing political equilibrium in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. By striking a deal on historical compromise for constitution writing, the Nepalese politicos have shown flexibility and aspirations to work for formulating the constitution. This must be the last chance for them.

The recent ground breaking compromise between the three big brothers is a testimony to the fact that no differences and disagreements can be irresolvable if the politicians are willing to compromise on the broader interests of the nation and the people.

However, the Nepalese people are still skeptical about the compromise deal between the major political parties of Nepal. Everybody knows about the vested and strategic interests of the political parties (ruling as well as opposition) in striking the compromise deal.

Apparently, subscribing to the maxim "the proof of the pudding is in the eating",  we, the Nepalese people inside as well as outside of Nepal have to wait until the constitution is enforced by the Constituent Assembly of Nepal.

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