Friday, December 13, 2013

The Kamaal of Drones

By Rabin Man Shakya

Drones were and are still widely used by the CIA to kill the jihadists. It looks like the US has the strategic plans to wage and win a battle against the jihadists with the help of the drones.

Drone fired missiles have so far killed a number of al-Qaeda leaders and other prominent jihadists. The killings of some prominent jihadists accomplished an important task for the drone warfare although the US has been castigated domestically and internationally for the drone activities. That is because a number of innocent people have also been killed by the drone strike as a result of failure of intended target.

Drones are used by other security agencies for spying activities and eavesdropping.

Drones have different capabilities and potentialities in different sectors.

That's why Inc. was in the headlines not long ago for the idea of selling the drones.

Wah-re-wah, the kamaal of drones!

Even the journalists and media people are exploring the drones' news gathering potential!

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