Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lottery Makes Big News, at Least in US

By Rabin Man Shakya

News is a piece of information on any incident and accident that is timely, that interests or affects a large number of people in a society or the nation or the world. Dog bites man, no story: Man bites dog, story.

Does the lottery make any news? Not in countries like Nepal and India. But lotteries are big news in countries like the US.

Still , when I worked as a lecturer of journalism in Kathmandu, before moving to the US, I never imagined that lotteries are such big sources of news even though some US journalism textbooks mentioned it.

The prominent lotteries in the US are Mega Million and Power Ball. The Power Ball starts with a $40 million jackpot and Mega Million with $15 million. And if they keep rolling over, it can even reach one billion dollars.

Tuesday's Mega Million jackpot of $648 million was Mega Million's second biggest ever after the 656 million won by three ticket holders in March 2012.

Tuesday's Mega Million jackpot of $648 was won by two people; one in Georgia and one in California.

And the interesting thing about the last Mega Million jackpot is: the sellers of the tickets, the owners of the convenient stores, are also to get one million dollar each for selling the winning jackpot tickets.

The reason that the lotteries make big news is because of the colossal amounts involved in it.

"Lottery fever runs sky-high," "Georgia woman claims half of $648 million mega jackpot" ran the headlines recently in the USA Today.

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