Thursday, September 26, 2013

Media booming in Nepal

Rabin Man Shakya

Prior to moving to the US with my family in 2002, I used to wear two hats in Nepal. The first one was the hat of a journalism lecturer and the second one was that of a journalist.

Now if someone asks me which hat did I like more, I'd reply him or her at the drop of the hat: "the hat of a journalism lecturer." Just kidding.

Now seriously speaking, as a media related guy, I am so overwhelmed to know that media landscape is changing very fast in Nepal.

Technological innovations, political change and liberalization have caused a sea change in Nepalese journalism and Nepal's media education scenario. It is a matter of great satisfaction to know that today there are at least 200 plus two campuses, 40 BA level campuses and three universities providing  courses in journalism and mass communication.

When I was a lecturer of journalism in Nepal, RR Campus and People's Campus were pretty much the campuses offering journalism courses. Fortunately, I was associated with both the campuses prior to 2002.

Thank God, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge of Bagmati and media education and journalism scenario of Nepal  have seen tremendous changes: quantitative as well as qualitative.

I am so glad to know there are 34 FM radio stations in Kathmandu alone and more than 300 FMs all over Nepal. And there are 16 TV channels in Nepal. Actually, newspaper industry and media business are booming in Nepal.

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