Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey, Do You Know Who Peerlusconi Is?

Rabin Man Shakya

Reporting about the forthcoming elections in Germany, the New York Times published a news story on September 14, 2013 headlined "German Candidates Compete in Battle of Magazine Covers."

The New York Times news story detailed Germany's widely watched national election and its two main candidates who made contrasting waves with magazine covers.

According to the New York Times news story, Peer Steinbruck, the Social Democratic challenger, who has trailed chancellor Angela Merkel in polls since declaring his candidacy last fall, caused a stir by appearing on a cover of the magazine of the Suddeutsche Zeitung gesturing with his middle finger.

It turns out Peer Steinbruck has been nicknamed Peerlusconi, a play on the name of the Italian billionaire politician Silvio Berlusconi, and gesturing of his middle finger was his reaction to a question  about his nickname.

The above mentioned NYT news story reminded me of the bad habit of Nepalese journalists/ non-journalists giving bad nicknames to the Nepalese politicos. Sujata Koirala was often nicknamed Kujata Koirala and Jhala Nath Khanal was called Jhallu in the social media. Likewise, the names of other politicians too have been widely abused.

The majority of Nepalese politicians are irresponsible and corrupt and I agree their misdeeds and corrupt activities should be exposed, but I disagree with the practice of abusing the names of the politicos.
The above mentioned NYT story also reminded me of  vying of the Nepalese politicians to get better coverage in media for the upcoming CA elections.

The more coverage and headlines the politicos make in the media, the more will be direct or indirect impact on the public. Obviously, the big headlines and good media portrayal enhance their political scope.

However, the activities of the politicians should not be confined  to merely grabbing the big headlines and getting better media coverage. Better do something for the good of the people, you politicos.

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