Monday, January 2, 2017

Nepalese Portlanders Bid Farewell to 2016

Dr. Rabin Man Shakya
Advisor, Nepa Chhen, Portland, USA
Former General Secretary, Nepal Russia Cultural Association, Kathmandu

Nepalese Portlanders bade farewell to 2016, said adieu to it and cheered up "Happy New Year  2017" at a gala dinner reception organized by Nepa Chhen - a nonprofit organization of the Nepalese community in Oregon at Nekusing Memorial Theater, US West Coast Hollywood Taekwondo in Portland on Dec 31, 2016.

About 150 Nepalese people  from different walks of life from among the Nepali community attended the reception. Present on the occasion were officials and ex-officials of Nepali Association of Oregon, office bearers of Nepa Chhen and NRN-NCC-USA Oregon Chapter.

Mr Diwakar Maharjan, president of NRN-NCC-USA Oregon Chapter and advisor of Nepa Chhen, welcoming the guests briefly threw light on the purpose and activities of Nepa Chhen.

On the occasion, president of Nepa Chhen Mr Rajesh Maharjan welcomed new Nepalese Portlanders by wrapping Khada on them.

One of the surprises on the occasion was a donation of two thousand dollars by an anonymous Nepali Samaritan for the cause of Nepa Chhen.

The new year eve gala dinner reception was not just a confluence of wining and dining, it was followed by vivid and fabulous Nepalese dance items and songs.

It is to be noted that the establishment of Nepa Chhen in 2012 in Portland with the objective of creating a permanent house for community gatherings, focusing on preserving Nepalese arts and culture is a landmark event in the chronicles of Nepalese diaspora in Oregon, USA.

Meanwhile, in another development, NRN-NCC-USA Oregon Chapter at a meeting held recently has decided to send a three-member delegation of participants to the Regional NRN-NCC-USA Conference to be held  in Texas on Jan 14, 2017.

The Oregon delegation includes chapter president Diwakar Maharjan, vice president Daya Shakya and general secretary Sunil Rajkarnikar.


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