Tuesday, October 11, 2016

National Sports Council Member Secretary Bista Arrives in Portland

Rabin Man Shakya
Media Coordinator, 11th IOFTC - Portland, Oregon.

Member Secretary of National Sports Council  (NSC) of Nepal Keshab Kumar Bista arrived in Portland on Saturday, Oct 8, 2016.

Member Secretary Bista was received and greeted at the Portland International Airport by Diwakar Maharjan, director of International Open Friendship Taekwondo Championships (IOFTC), other IOFTC officials and taekwondo players.

Mr Bista is accompanied by his spouse.

"I am satisfied with the ongoing preparations for the 11th IOFTC event", Mr Bista was quoted as saying upon the inspection of the preparation for the 11th IOFTC event.

NSC Member Secretary Bista is scheduled to inaugurate the 11th IOFTC event amid a gala function at the International Convention  Center in Portland, Oregon on Oct 15, 2016.

We are very much encouraged to have Mr Bista  as the chief guest of the IOFTC event, Diwakar Maharjan said after Mr Bista's inspection of the US Westcoast Taekwondo Hollywood School.

The gracious presence of the important personality of the Nepalese sports sector in the 11th IOFTC event has provided a new lease on life of the IOFTC organizers, Maharjan said in a statement released here recently.

Taekwondo players from Nepal, the US, the UK, Canada, Guatemala, Qatar, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Mexico and Haiti are participating at the 11th IOFTC event.

IOFTC events are playing a tremendous role in internationalizing the taekwondo spirit.

The objective of the IOFTC games are to enhance fraternity and solidarity among the taekwondo players across the world, to promote taekwondo skill and competition among the players.

It is to be noted that IOFTC event is organized once every two years. Last IOFTC event was held in London in 2014.

Prior to that, IOFTC events were also organized in Nepal, the US, Hong Kong and India.

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