Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nepali Association of Oregon Organizes Conference of Nepalese in West Americas

Dr Rabin Man Shakya

In an effort to enhance regional and global cooperation for Nepal and the Nepalese, a conference of Nepalese  in West Americas was  organized here in Portland by  Nepali Association of Oregon (NAO) on Sunday, Sept 4, 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, Ganga Sharma, president of Nepali Association of Oregon (NAO) said that northwest jamghat has brought our communities closer and it has allowed us to work together.

Presenting a paper on "NAO Scholarship and School Building Program", Dr Kush Shrestha, coordinator, NAO Education Fund Promotion and Management Committee said that NAO has an education program for Nepali youth from the Oregon Nepali community as well as the rural communities of Nepal.

Speaking about "Role of Commissioner", Mohan Gurung, member of Washington State Commission on Asia - Pacific American Affairs threw light on the duties, functions and responsibilities of a commissioner.

Similarly, dwelling on "Nepal Seattle Society (NSS): Past, Present and Future",  Ganesh Shivakoti, president of NSS said that the mission of NSS is to unite all the people of Nepalese origin in the state of Washington, to preserve and promote Nepalese culture and to foster relations with friends of Nepal.

Likewise, speaking on the theme of "Nepal Cultural Society BC Vancouver at a Glance", Anil Pradhan, president of NCSBC said,"We should also start thinking about our collaboration to the next level so that we can keep our friendship, Nepali culture and heritage flourishing further."

Representing Non-resident Nepalese Association - Oregon Chapter, Dr Rabin Man Shakya, its Education Director,  expressed the view that NRNA - Oregon chapter would not and should not antagonize other local community organizations. But in stead of parroting the meaningless  and needless rants about the irrelevance of NRNA - Oregon chapter,  Dr Shakya stressed the need for going through the statutory provisions of the NRNA - International Coordination Council (ICC) about the NRNA state chapters of a National Coordination Council (NCC) in different countries.

NRNA heavyweight and Nepal's Honorary Consul for Seattle A C Sherpa said that he would support as much as possible for Nepali communities by social services and promoting tourism, healthcare and education for future generation.

Also speaking on the occasion was Master Narayan Gurung, NRNA ICC member, who threw light on  prospects of NRNA as a world body of the Nepalese diaspora.

Making another presentation on "Open University of Nepal - The Road Ahead" Dr Drona Rasali of NRNA, Canada said:"By opening up the access to formal knowledge that is prepared and structured by academics and approved by a university to the masses of people having varying learning needs, conditions and contexts, an open university adds a new dimension to those who can have formal knowledge."

Similarly, president of West America Nepali Association (WANA) Uttam Karki, speaking on the occasion, urged for financial assistance for Solukhumbu Community Center Project.

Likewise, Uma Karki, founder president of WANA said:" A number of social and non-profit institutions are mushrooming in the US, but WANA was created as an umbrella organization to unite all the local organizations in the US west coast."

Speaking on the occasion, president of Nepal Association for Global Cooperation (NAGC) Mani Nepali Paneru asserted:"NAGC is totally different than other Nepalese organizations. NAGC aims to work for promoting worldwide Nepalese solidarity."

Bharat Banskota, general secretary of WANA, while extending vote of thanks to the participants, said:"It would be a great opportunity if our three Pacific Northwest Nepali communities can work together towards some common projects in supporting the underprivileged people of Nepal."

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**Dr Shakya, a Portland based writer, is former assistant editor at the RSS, former associate editor at The Rising Nepal and former lecturer of journalism at the Peoples Campus. He is also advisor of Nepa Chhen, a Portland based non-profit and Education Director of NRN-NCC-USA Oregon Chapter.