Monday, June 13, 2016

Nepali Movie 'Relation' Shown at Hollywood Theater

Rabin Man Shakya
Former Associate Editor, The Rising Nepal

When 'Relation', a Nepali feature film produced by Diwakar Maharjan and directed by Dipendra Prasad Dahal was shown at Hollywood Cinema Theater in Portland on Sunday, June 12, 2016, it was a big success not only among the Nepalese  community, but a large number of Americans also showed up to watch the Nepali movie.

Sunday's successful show of 'Relation' at Portland's Hollywood Theater is a testimony that the Nepalese community love  to watch the Nepalese movies.

The movie offers a wide spectrum in terms acting styles, themes, languages, use of taekwondo and so on.

Actually, 'Satya Harishchandra' was the first movie made in Nepali language and directed by D B Pariyar in Kolkata, India in 1951.

However, the first Nepali movie made in Nepal itself was 'Aama' (Mother) which was produced by the Information and Publicity Department of His Majesty's Government of Nepal in 1964. Since then, hundreds of Nepalese movies have been made, mostly masala movies.

Overall, there is a sense that despite all the gains made in the history of Nepalese cinema in recent decades, the social values and importance of sports like taekwondo have rarely been portrayed in the movies.

The movie 'Relation' is all about the reminiscence of an American traveler Kristina from Portland, USA. Kristina is herself a Blackbelt in taekwondo. It is a story of family feud between Dhan Bahadur and Sahinla.

Likewise, it is a love story between Chandre and Kanchi. Similarly, it is a story about criminal activities of a rural gang of villains led by Sangle and Anjan. This is a story about use of taekwondo against the criminal activities in a village on the foothills of Himalayas.

Sharing views about the movie, Aniruddha Shakya, a Nepali Portlander said: "The storyline of the movie is very good. The movie gives a glimpse of Nepal's rural life. Diwakar Maharjan's taekwondo scenes are inspiring."

Similarly, Jeff Rugen, an American, threw light on the movie: "I liked the movie because I got to know something about Nepal, its difficulties and problems, its amazing rural scenes."

Use of taekwondo against the prevention of crime in rural Nepal in the movie is commendable, added Jeff.

"Nepalese movies are not shown in Portland's cinema theaters, therefore it was a fun to watch a Nepali movie here", was the reaction of many Nepalese Portlanders, after watching the movie at Hollywood Theater.

Asked about his involvement in the movie, Diwakar Maharjan said:"It is not easy to be a commercial movie producer and also take up a role of playing a taekwondo master for the first time in my life. It is challenging but I love to take up challenges. I felt so good because  it is a good educational movie for society with martial arts action."

Saying that this is his first movie as a producer, Diwakar said that he had ventured into movie production to do something for the development of Nepal, even if he has been living in the US for a long time.

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