Monday, May 23, 2016

Nepalese Ethnic Fashion Show Organized in Portland

Rabin Man Shakya
State Education Director, NRN-USA-NCC Oregon chapter

An ethnic fashion show depicting dresses of various ethnic communities of Nepal was organized here on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at Nekusing Memorial Theater, (US West Coast Taekwondo Hollywood) Portland by the Non-Resident Nepalese Association, National Coordination Council USA Oregon chapter.

It was an endeavor of the NRN-USA Oregon chapter to give Portlanders a glimpse of traditional ethnic attires of different Nepalese communities.

It was the first ever Nepalese ethnic fashion show in Portland participated by the Nepalese as well as Americans. Participants included Nepalese and Americans from age 10 to 60 years old. Sincere and collective efforts of NRN-USA Oregon chapter, fashion show coordinators, enthusiastic participants and volunteers are certainly very commendable and praiseworthy.

Quite fascinating and amazing were the American boys and girls wearing different attires of various ethnic communities of Nepal.

National anthems of Nepal and United States were played at the beginning of the ethnic fashion show.

On the occasion, coordinator of the ethnic fashion show Sita Rai wrapped Khada on chief guest Govind Giri Prerana, NRN-USA Oregon chapter president Diwakar Maharjan, president of Nepalese Association of Oregon Ganga Sharma and president of Nepaa Chhen Rajesh Maharjan.

Chief guest of the ethnic fashion show was Govinda Giri Prerana who expressed the view that there are many unique features in the dresses of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation like Nepal. Preservation of these traditional attires is very important, he said.

President of Nepalese Association of Oregon Ganga Sharma expressed the hope that the American guests would be able to get some glimpses of Nepal's culture at the fashion show. But she advised them to visit Nepal to see rich arts and cultural heritage with their own eyes.

Newar traditional dresses and Haku Patasi were displayed on the occasion by Jaya Shakya, Naveena Shakya, Palistha Shakya, Steve, Sagen, Prabin, Chris, Yougen and Dennis. Parsi, Gaa (shawl) and jewelry displayed by them are used by the Newar women in the  Kathmandu valley for attending traditional receptions like wedding feasts, chuda karma, junko bhoe (rice feeding ceremony) etc.

Haku Patasi, Chholo, Patuka, Mwa kashi, Jyaphu, Tapalan and Black Cap were displayed by Sagen, Prabin, Chris, Yougen, Steve and Dennis.

The traditional attires of the Newah people are some of the richest part of the heritage of the Nepalese culture. Tapalan, Haku Patasi, Sayan Kayeta, Parsi, Bhantalan and other ceremonial dresses are some of the distinct costumes of Newah people in the Kathmandu valley where traditional weaving was a part of Newah people's life in the past centuries.

Similarly, Bhojpuri dresses were exhibited on the occasion by Quincey and Pradeep while Dhimal outfits were presented by Selba and Benit.

Likewise, Sophie and Surjendra performed on the Gurung robes while Bella and Seth walked through with Tamang costumes. Brahmin dresses were displayed by Pabi and Ramesh. Similarly, Neli and Bikram walked through in Newar bridal dresses.

Sherpa apparels at the program were displayed by Pemba, Kilu, Prabha, Kebin and Nawang Sherpa whereas Magar dresses were shown by Minu Mali and Rai attires by Asmita and Pasang. The guests at the program were able to see Sherpa dresses like Bakkhu, Docha, Lukani, Pangen and Magar attires like Lungi, Mugiya, Cholo Makhamal, Ghalek etc.

The audience also got an opportunity to witness Bhojpuri clothes like Dhoti, Kamij, Kurta,Bhangua and Jhuluwa, Gunyu, Cholo; and Tamang dresses like Cholo Makhamal, Patuka, Ghalek, Tiki, Sir Bandi, Half Bakhu, Full Bakhu, Tamang Cap Woolen Jacket, Shirt Silik Bhutani.

Dhimal outfits like Tepana, Aaskot. Ganji, Lokhan, Bonas, Cholo, White Shawl were also displayed by the participants at the show. Gurung dresses like Bhagra, Bhoto, Kachhod, Estakot Black, Topi Black, Lungi, Patuka Blue, Cholo Makhamal, Ghalek, Naugedi Janter etc were also shown to the audience. Likewise, Rai attires, such as, Pharia, Cholo (Dhaka), Patuka Dori, Chandrama, Bulaki, Jantar, Daura Suruwal, Dhaka Topi, Estakot etc were also demonstrated by the fashion show participants. Brahmin dresses Daura Suruwal, Patuka, Topi, Sari, Cholo, Mujetro were also displayed.

The fashion show was followed by a program of songs and dances. The show was conducted by vice president of NRN-USA Oregon chapter Daya Shakya who expressed the view that Kathmandu has become a cultural melting pot of Nepal.

At the end of the program, certificates of participation were handed over to the participants of ethnic fashion show by chief guest Prerana. Certificates of appreciation were also given away to the volunteers.


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