Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shrestha, Prajapati and Shakya felicitated in Portland

Rabin Man Shakya

A program was held on Friday April 15, 2016 at Nekusing Memorial Theater (US West Coast Taekwondo Hollywood) in Portland, Oregon by the Nepalese community to felicitate Rajendra Shrestha, former minister and leader of the Federal Socialist Forum, Rasmila Prajapati, a journalist with the Kantipur FM radio and Dharma Ratna Shakya, a Buddhist acting as Dipankar Buddha.

It is to be noted that Shrestha, Prajapati and Shakya are on a visit to the United States to take part at World Newah Organization's (WNO)  international convention held in Baltimore (March 25-27, 2016).

President of Non-resident Nepalese Association USA, Oregon Chapter Diwakar Maharjan, general secretary of IOFTC Karen Blackledge, President of Nepalese Association of Oregon Ganga Sharma and general secretary of Nepa Chhen Pramod Karanjit felicitated the guests by wrapping Khata on them.

In a sweeping address that took on sharp political tones, Rajendra Shrestha said: "The mainstream political parties and their political leaders have not been able to rise above their petty partisan and personal interests, while the Federal Socialist Forum always stands for the nation and the people."

Shrestha went on to say:"Today's constitution of Nepal is not intended for the resolution of the problems, but it intends to aggravate problems of the people."

Speaking to a gathering of about 70 Nepalese Portlanders, Shrestha said the Forum's movement is for identity and federalism issues. He said:"The identity issue which was recognized by the Interim Constitution of Nepal was tricked away by the new Constitution of Nepal."

Speaking on the occasion, Rasmila Prajapati, who is also the general secretary of Nepal chapter of the World Newah Organization, underlined the need for gender parity in Nepal.

Prajapati expressed happiness over the fact that today President of Nepal, Speaker of the Parliament and Chief Justice of Nepal are all Nepali women. Women's movement is making tremendous strides in Nepal, although a lot is yet to be done in this direction, she said.

The fact that citizenship is not granted to a child on the basis of a mother's side in Nepal  is outrageous, Prajapati said.

The program which was conducted by World Newah Organization's vice president Daya Shakya was followed by a pot-luck dinner and songs in Nepal Bhasa and Nepali. From among a number of amateur  singers at the program, it was former minister Shrestha who stole the show by singing  "Ma Patthar Ko Devata Hoina" and "Guli Balan Chhangu Khwaa Sa Yaye Mazil."

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