Sunday, January 31, 2016

Workshop on "Social Service Awareness and Benefit" Kicks Off

Rabin Man Shakya

In an effort to raise community and social awareness of the Nepalese Portlanders, Oregon chapter of the Non-resident Nepalese Association - National Coordination Council  (NRNA-NCC-USA) is working on various workshops to provide more useful and relevant information to the community members.

Starting Jan 30, 2016, the NRNA-NCC-USA Oregon chapter is kicking off a series of workshops for the Nepalese community members in Portland.

At a workshop program "Social Service Awareness and Benefit" organized by Oregon chapter at the Nekusing Memorial Theater,  Portland on Saturday, president of the chapter Diwakar Maharjan expressed the hope that these workshops would pave the way for  understanding more about the benefits that the US government has provided to the people.

Speaking about  "Social Service Awareness and Benefit", vice president of the chapter Daya Shakya threw light on legal boundaries for citizens versus residents, Diversity and Discrimination, Medicaid vs Medicare, Child Protection Law mandatory reporting and other relevant issues.

Dwelling on Child Protection Laws, Shakya went on  to say,"Child Protection Laws (CPLs) provide an umbrella of protection in all areas of a child's life, including overall safety, protection from all forms of abuse and protection using the Internet or email. Violation of CPLs carry greater punishment than similar crimes carried out against adults."

Asked whether one can retire at age 62, Shakya replied: "You may start receiving benefits as early as 62. In that case, your benefits are reduced. If your full retirement age is 66, and you sign up for Social Security when you are 62, you would only get 75 percent of your full benefit."

Likewise, speaking on the theme of "Understanding Social Security Benefit", Bharat Banskota, Immediate Past President of Nepalese Association of Oregon (NAO) said,"Social Security helps not only older citizens, green card holders, but also workers who become disabled and families in which a spouse or parent dies."

Today, about 159 million people work and pay Social Security taxes and about 55 million people receive monthly Social Security benefit, Banskota informed the gathering of the Nepalese Portlanders.

Business Director of the chapter Ramesh Bhandari extended vote of thanks at the end of the workshop program which was attended by about 25 Nepalese Portlanders.

It is to be noted that another workshop on "Career in Science" is to be held by the NRNA-NCC-USA Oregon chapter in the month of February.

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