Monday, November 30, 2015

Economic Blockade and Role of NRNA

Rabin Man Shakya
State Education Director, NRN-NCC-USA Oregon Chapter

I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed to see Diwakar Maharjan, president of NRNA-NCC-USA Oregon chapter on the Facebook wall calling on the Prime Minister of Nepal K. P. Oli together with Mr Rastra Rai of the UK's UUNTF. It was equally good to see Mr Maharjan's Nepalese Rebuild activities and taekwondo programs in Kathmandu on the Facebook pages.

There is no doubt that tremendous strides have recently been made by NRNA for the cause of earthquake victims. The outpouring of support for the Nepalese people facing the Indian blockade from NRNs from across the world has been tremendous too.

NRNs across the world have been lobbying and rallying against the Indian economic blockade. The lives of the Nepalese people have become miserable and vulnerable because of the blockade. The blockade imposed more than two months ago has become increasingly unbearable for the Nepalese people, and it is taking its toll on the Nepalese people.

According to the news reports, hundreds of NRNs have taken to the streets of the world capitals and other prominent cities to raise voice against the blockade of the Indian government, which has caused nation-wide crisis of essential goods, including life-saving medicines in Nepal.  Internationalization of the blockade issue by the NRNs is a significant step which must be whole-heartedly hailed as the right move.

According to another media report, NRNA recently handed over medicines worth Rs 3.8 millions to the government of Nepal. It is to be noted that the NRNA had pledged to provide medicines worth Rs 30 millions to mitigate nation-wide drug  crisis resulting from the trade blockade by India.

It goes without saying that the social and economic situation is very critical and vulnerable in Nepal, the gauntlet thrown down to the Nepalese people (first by the earthquake and then by the Indian blockade) is unprecedented.

The challenges facing the Nepalese people are indeed formidable since the Nepalese people are confronting the consequences of the earthquake as well as effects of the Indian trade blockade - it is just double whammy.

Therefore, it is evident that in the perspectives of contemporary Nepal, in its elaborate process of national development, at the time of national disaster like the earthquake and during the economic crisis arising from the blockade,   the scope and role of NRNA is getting to be vital.

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