Saturday, January 3, 2015

Portland's Nepa Chhen Welcomes the New Year 2015 with Various Activities

Rabin Man Shakya
Advisor, Nepa Chhen, Portland, Oregon, USA

Different people and different organizations celebrate the New Year in different ways and styles. Nepa Chhen, a non-profit organization of the Nepalese community in Portland - which champions the cause of enhancing Nepalese arts, culture and traditions and which aims to build a community house - welcomed the New Year 2015 by organizing a reception program on Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014 at Nekusing Memorial Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Every new year brings new optimism, new hopes, enthusiasm, happiness and cheerfulness. The new year festivities of the Nepalese community in Portland was a happy confluence of wining and dining as well as lots of music, dance, poetry recitation, food contest and other fun, such as, bingo game - a part of fundraising for the Nepa Chhen. The Nepa Chhen's new year reception was attended by 160 people from the Nepalese community, unprecedented, of course: there were Nepalese from Portland, other parts of Oregon, from other states and some have recently arrived to the US from Nepal. On the occasion, Nepa Chhen officials wrapped khata on the new community members of Oregon.

The celebration of the New Year 2015 in Portland, Oregon by Nepa Chhen is a testimony to the fact that Nepa Chhen serves as a broader platform that accomodates the interests not only of the Newars, but of Nepal's different other ethnic communities as well. It is to be noted that Nepa Chhen is going to organize a program on Feb 22, 2015 to celebrate Lhosar New Year.

Actually, Nepa Chhen is the embodiment of Nepalese feelings and emotions in Portland. And the pattern of the presence of participants at the New Year's festivities clearly demonstrated the fact that diversity factor of the Nepalese ethnic communities in Portland was taken care of.

Well, judging by multiple activities and programs carried out by organizations like Nepalese Association of Oregon (NAO) and Nepa Chhen (NC), these organizations have been playing a significant role in the community's trajectory for enhancing the Nepalese brotherhood and fraternity.

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