Sunday, November 16, 2014

Yuko Okamoto Steals the Show at Nepa Chhen's Second Anniversary

Rabin Man Shakya
Advisor, Nepa Chhen, Portland, Oregon, USA

Anniversary is a day which commemorates or celebrates the day of establishment or foundation of an organization. Anniversary is always a big milestone in the life span of an organization like Nepa Chhen which was born on November 15, 2012, with the objective of creating a permanent forum for community gatherings, focusing on preserving Nepalese arts and culture.

Anniversary is not only an occasion to rejoice at the accomplishments  and achievements of an organization, it is also a solemn occasion to do some soul-searching of its weaknesses, if any, and to come up with concrete strategies taking the community interest as their top agenda.

For now, Nepa Chhen which is just two years old can be compared to a baby who keeps crawling before it can walk. Walk it can and run it can as well when it will be able to construct its own community building.

Well, speaking of the Nepa Chhen anniversary reception organized on Saturday  at Nekusing Memorial Theater, West Coast Hollywood Taekwondo in Portland, it was a grand success as always.There were plenty of wining and dining, songs, dances and music, live performance of Nepali rock music group 'Manda'. Not only that, the Nepa Chhen anniversary program was followed by poetry recitation by different individuals, and was warmly applauded by the guests.

But it was Yuko Okamoto - a Japanese female dancer and teacher of Nepalese dances in Japan - who stole the whole show by presenting dazzling and mind-boggling Jhyaure and Dhime traditional dances of Nepal.

Yuko Okamoto was the chief guest at the anniversary program. Speaking on the occasion,Yuko stressed the need for preservation of folk dances of different ethnicities of Nepal.

Nepa Chhen's annual news letter was also released and new Nepa Chhen calendars were also distributed to the guests on the occasion. Likewise, certificates by Nepa Chhen  were given away on the occasion to Nepalese kids (1) for successful performance of Nepalese dances in Portland school dance competition  and (2) for bagging medals at the tenth international Open Friendship Taekwondo championship held in London in July, 2014.

Similarly, there were two different slide shows at the program: the first slide show was a presentation of past Nepa Chhen activities while the second one highlighted the tentative architectural designs of future Nepa Chhen building in Portland.

The lucky winners of Nepa Chhen fund raising Raffle tickets were also announced during the program. About 150 people from different walks of life from among the Nepali diaspora attended the anniversary reception.

There is no doubt that the increasing activities of Nepa Chhen, palpably, demonstrate the role of Nepalese diaspora in Portland in enhancing and enriching Nepalese arts, culture and traditions in Oregon, USA.

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