Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UCPN-Maoists' Utopian Arrogance Shattered

By Dr Rabin Man Shakya

Dismal performance in the elections or just the show of public hatred for Maoists? Either way, the leaders as well as the activists of the UCPN-Maoists are reeling from the results of the Constituent Assembly elections held peacefully recently in Nepal.

The entire CA elections has been unfairly castigated by the UCPN-Maoists. The statements of the UCPN-M leaders about ostracizing and boycotting the CA elections after the defeat is palpable nonsense. UCPN-M has so far been taking one after another contradictory decisions after the election fiasco. On Monday, it has decided to take part in the newly elected CA. In fact, the knee-jerk reactions shown by the Maoists on the election verdict was totally inappropriate and unsubstantiated. This is a testimony that the UCPN-M is not serious about the election verdict and people's mandate.

The election verdict falls in line with the discontent and disillusionment of the people with the Maoists. There is also utopian arrogance  at Parisdanda that justifies any deeds or misdeeds of the Maoist leaders. That utopian arrogance has been shattered. UCPN-M has to learn and re-learn from the mistakes, from the misdeeds, from the defeat. One has to accept the people's verdict. Thus, UCPN-M needs to do some soul-searching of their weaknesses and shortcomings and come up with honest plans, programs and strategies.

It needs no telling that the present election and non-political government was created with the support of UCPN-M and political parties across the broader political spectrum. However, through this election, the people of Nepal loudly spoke for the idea that geography, not the ethnicity, should be used to divide the country into zones. And through the verdict the people also showed their support to continue with the parliamentary system of governance, and not the presidential system.

However, some Maoist supporters have wrongly commented in the social media sites that UCPN-M's election fiasco is a part of a grand design to destabilize Nepal,

Now that the much-awaited second CA election has been conducted peacefully and successfully with more voters turnout so far (more than 70 percent of eligible voters), the people are expecting that the new constitution has to be delivered as pledged by the leaders and parties so that the Nepalese people can be successfully extricated from the pains and worries of the lingering political transition.

The political stalwarts have to prove their mettle, earn the lost self-respect, trustworthiness and take up the vital responsibilities. This can be justified only when the political parties are able to give the people a new constitution.

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